Fitness Science Guru

Dr Gagan Jaiswal

Dr Gagan Jaiswal is a doctor, sports lover and fitness enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in medical and fitness industry. He has transformed hundreds of lives through his scientific fitness programs.

He has done various sports and nutrition courses . Being a medical professional he had good knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, medicine and other medical subjects. It was easier for him to extract essence from sports and nutrition courses and how to apply and combine this knowledge scientifically to gain best results and focus on healthy mind and fit body . Dr. Gagan Jaiswal is also a self-described “foodie.” He has created more than 100 special scientific nutrition plans. The menu that he recomends is filling, delicious and easy to follow.

His focus is to lose weight by losing fat and he stresses that crash diet and dieting is bad for your body. With his meal plans you will always feel full and yet are able to control your weight.

Fitness Science Guru Dr Gagan Jaiswal

Dr. Gagan Jaiswal knows that expensive, exotic , imported food is not what people need. So he has combined his expertise in science and nutrition to create special scientific diet plan and a new way of eating that leads to sustainable weight management and lifelong enjoyment of good, healthy food.

Glimpses of his activities

Mumbai Full Marathon

Half Marathon

Half Marathon

Exercise together
Stay together

Exercise is important for the health and well-being of adults and children alike.
When families exercise together they gain the combined benefits of being together, growing together and encouraging each other to be active.
This picture is from Dr. Gagan Jaiswal’s lockdown 2020 Diary. He is a positive role models to the society.

I am a marathoner and have participated in many Full (42kms) & Half (21kms) Marathons at national and international level . I am Sub 2 hour runner in 21 Kms marathon and “A Lister runner” in Tata Mumbai Full Marathon (42kms) in 2020. My love towards fitness pushed me to learn more about the Scientific approach to fitness and nutrition. 

“Fitness can be achieved easily and sustainably if we use scientific and holistic approach”

 Dr. Gagan Jaiswal